I am a Creative Entrepreneur, a Writer, Speaker, Business Mentor and Marketing Technologist and most importantly an Encourager.

Brief Background: Over the past 20 years I have worked in the online space.  I Co-founded a website/brand, ZiggityZoom.com in 2008 that has reached more than 10 million visitors and over 35 million page views in the creative learning and family space.   We won many online awards and accolades and have 35  children’s ebooks available at BarnesNoble.com and 20 educational workbooks available online.  Under the ZiggityZoom umbrella, we also launched a handful of niche websites.  I took a break from this effort two years ago but I am ramping it back up as we head into 2020.

I have created in-person workshops for businesses that empowered them to take control of their online presence.  I have lead tech teams for client projects, internal projects and overseen site and ad operations divisions for companies and as a consultant.

I have provided one on one business mentoring and coaching for startup companies and judged and mentored at 48 hour build a business weekends. I am currently serving as the Marketing Technology Director for a Research and Data company.

I have written articles online for our network of websites, as well as other sites on topics of business, technology, and parenting. I have spoken at conferences on topics ranging from business, online marketing and building an online presence, to casual games/apps, to startup events and parenting conferences.

I bring passion, problem-solving, a high level of accountability and fresh thinking to the projects, mentoring, and businesses I am involved in. My passion is to encourage and empower individuals and businesses to build more meaningful lives, whether through writing, courses or mentoring.

Through ZiggityZoom and A Beautiful Adventure I am focused on our mantra, “Building a Better World Starts at Home” and the impact parents and moms have in the world through writing, books, and online/email content.  I also personally looking toward building my own business again after working with an old colleague of mine for the past two years.

I am working to roll out a several new series for families, moms and Creative Entrepreneurs, introduce my podcast (2020), and get back into speaking and mentoring as we move into 2020.  I’ve taken years to get here but I know the only thing that was holding me back was lack of clarity, understanding how to bring my passion, experience and business together, and not going after what I wanted.

ZiggityZoom (Our mission)

We believe in family and raising kids into creative, capable, empathetic, loving people. Our mission is to help parents celebrate family daily with fun, creative and colorful activities, recipes and crafts, and to provide positive and encouraging words for you each week. We believe in making more time for play, building forts, less homework and more meals shared with the people we love. We believe in slowing down and playing games, and bringing back good old fashioned fun and values. We believe Building a Better World starts at home with the experiences, lessons, love, adventures and creativity we share there.

Let’s take back our family time, let’s raise kids doing the things we used to do, let’s say no to over scheduled, stuck indoors, extra homework, video game lives- let’s begin to live again.

Kristin (A Beautiful Adventure- Encouragement Writing for Women)

Kristin writes as a trusted friend- her honest words and positive outlook shines through the hard days on all that is beautiful in our chaotic lives and in the world even when we’ve forgotten because sometimes we need to be reminded of the beauty, love, and blessings all around us.  Kristin shares honest moments of being a mom, a wife, a Christian, and an Entrepreneur as she walks on her journey to be her best self.  She shares stories and adventures that led her back to the goodness she’s found in ordinary moments, life’s surprises and leaning into her faith to find peace, joy, and balance.

Kristin Fitch






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