Month: March 2022

  • Are You Ready for a Life with Full Freedom?

    On today’s podcast episode Kristin interviews Skye Barbour, an International Business Coach, Author and Podcast Host of Full Freedom for Entrepreneurs, about going from a corporate career to starting her own coaching business while starting a family.

    This episode is all about how we can create a business that allows us to do work we are passionate about, have more time to do the things we love and allows us to get support for the things at home and in work we want to delegate.

    This episode is about understanding our limiting beliefs or freedom blocks and how working on our mindset can help us move into putting in place the right systems, people and processes so we can build and grow our business.

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  • Taking a Break when you are Emotionally Drained


    On today’s solo episode Kristin shares the importance of stepping away from work or other obligations when walk through emotionally or mentally draining life events or challenges. She explains if you feel worn out or like you don’t have the mental space to do work or certain work then it’s ok to step back and take time to rest, recharge, process your emotions. It’s healthy to recognize when we need to slow down and let our bodies experience what we went through.