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I’m Kristin, an Encourager, a Joy Coach, Kindness Cultivator, Faith-led Entrepreneur and Business and Life Strategist. 

I am a transformational faith based life coach who supports women and holds space for them to see just how expansive and capable they are to step into everything God designed them to be. 


Let's Live Lit Up

Are you ready to turn up your life?  To define life on your terms?  It’s time to reignite your passion, remember who you are and chase your dreams.  Download this 27 page workbook filled with prompts, exercises, space for reflections and quotes to guide you to reconnect with the parts of yourself that might need to be dusted off or noticed again so that you can begin to feel fully alive in your life.


Ready to Let Go of Worry & Hustle and Step into More Joy?

Joyful Living Devotional

Join me on a 15 day journey of devotions and reflection to help you let go if worry, anxiey and hustle and experience more peace and joy in your everyday life that God promises and wants for each of us.

Let's Work Together

Hi! Wow. Just wow. You are incredible at this!! I’m blown away. So much stuff neatly organized so it’s easy to get started. I’m motivated- thank you!! Suzi N

Building a Life You Love Podcast

Are you ready to be inspired to follow your joy? To create your life around your passion, relationships and to live a more authentic life?

Join me as I encourage women to find their purpose, nurture their relationships and hearts and reconnect to their creativity, and the art they were made to show up to create.


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