Are You Ready to Build the Life You are Meant For?

I help high achieving women redefine and redesign their lives so their passion blossoms from within, and they can step into days that are calmer and more joyful – aligned with their purpose and values.

Are you trying to design a life you love but get stuck in the what-ifs, and expectations, obligations in your life?  Maybe your interests, dreams and passions have gotten buried under the daily demands of life but it’s never too late to reconnect with that part of yourself and I dare to say that doing so is the opposite of selfish because what interests us, what we care about and what we are curious about is not random. When we tap back into who we are and show up being ourselves we can better serve those around us and be who God made us to be.

In the middle of mothering, or caregiving or building our career we got caught up in the busyness of life until one day we realize we can’t remember what it feels like to do something for enjoyment or because it sounds fun or we want to try it. We stopped trusting our own instincts. And w lost sight of our purpose and passion

Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to step into a future that nourishes, renews, supports you and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

It’s time to listen to our hearts and take a chance on ourselves. To turn up the volume on our lives.

Hi, I'm Kristin

I’m a Transformational Life & Wellness Strategist. You can find me supporting women through my podcasts, writing, speaking, workbooks and courses. I’ve been on a journey that you might relate to- I was buying into the lie that we have to hustle and hurry through life.

I was following a path and career that was wearing me down and wasn’t lighting me up. So I did the work to step off that path and follow my joy and dreams.

When I Finally Designed My Life Around My Priorities and Values Everything Changed

Over the last few years I’ve been on a journey to dissect the parts of my life that were causing much of my overwhelm, exhaustion and weariness. 

It was through my own journey to live a more joyful, simplier life that I learned the art of taking meaningful breaks and being intentional with our days.

When I began to honor and give space to the unique things God made me to enjoy. When I began to shift my focus to His plan for my life- when I replaced doing more and hurrying with doing what allows me to tap into the joy, peace and dreams God put on my heart.  When I allowed myself the space and time to rest, and be renewed in the moments, in the day and in my week I found just how transformative the rhythm of rest truly was.

Everything You want is likely on the other side of pushing, forcing or resisting.

I began to feel alive again, more joyful and calmer when I began to apply all the lessons and strategies I learned. 

You can regularly find me sitting outside around a fire, walking, spending time on the beach, gardening and spending time with my husband, friends an family.

I am first an foremost an Encourager in everything I do, both in my personal andd professional life.  I am obsessed about learning about God, personal development, hoslistic healing and health.

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Hi! Wow. Just wow. You are incredible at this!! I’m blown away. So much stuff neatly organized so it’s easy to get started. I’m motivated- thank you!! Suzi N