Use Your Website to Get More Leads to Grow Your Online Business

 Today we’re going to talk about four ways you can get more leads from your website. This is such an important topic and so many of us don’t like talking about these things. We think they feel a little salesy or in people’s faces, but the honest truth is, is if you don’t tell people what you have to offer them, they’re not going to know we have to make it easy. So let’s jump right in to beautiful friend. 

Okay, here we go. We’re going to talk about four ways to get more leads from your website, we’re going to talk about why pop ups are important. How you use freebies and lead magnets, how you do exclusive content or behind the scenes content, and then inline forms to unlock content. But let’s start off with something that I hear often from people, which is I hate popups. I hate when someone’s website has that obnoxious little box. But why do you think you go to so many websites with pop ups, there’s a reason it’s because in so many cases, they convert really well. Because if you can match what your visitor wants, and the type of content that you can offer them, you are going to increase the number of people that sign up for your email list or that actually go for your offer.

So the first thing you need to do to get more leads from your website is you need to have a popup on your website. And I would even say an alert box, an alert box is the bar that goes at the top or bottom of your website. Or sometimes it moves moves with some of the content of your website. If you already have a pop up box, there are still things you can do to improve it. The first is a lot of people think they have a pop up, you know, little freebie or promotion on their homepage, and they think that’s enough. But traffic to your website is not like it’s your going through the front door of a store, people can come in through any page of your website, they can even find you through an image, which means they could really show up anywhere. So you really need a pop up throughout your website. But here’s the good news, you don’t want to spam them with pop ups. So there are things that you can do to set up the pop up so that it only shows up at a certain frequency. And only so often, right, so you set these parameters up. So there’s someone seen it in the last day or week or month or six months, whatever it is you want to set up, they won’t keep seeing that message. So it really shouldn’t be irritating and getting your visitors to leave because you’re only showing them that information that one time or you know, not as frequently as every time they go on every page of your website. So the reason they’re so important is if you can match your pop up content, either a freebie or some exclusive thing they’re going to get or it’s a time sensitive offer, with what they’re already asking for you to provide them, you know the type of content that you’re sharing with them, you’re gonna get people to sign up for it. If you’re if you have a pop up now and you’re not getting leads, or it’s almost none. First we need to look at, are you getting traffic to your website? For today’s episode, let’s just assume you’re getting some traffic there. And you don’t need huge numbers to make all this work. You just need to have a consistent number of people that are your possible, you know, prospects or possible clients to come to your website. So the first thing you need to do is, if it’s not effective for you, you need to consider what is it you’re offering and if people aren’t biting, let’s find out. Let’s pull your people let’s get feedback on what they really want from you. And let’s offer that. Okay, how do you set up a pop up if you don’t have one? Or how do you change the pop up and make it better? So some of your websites, the content management systems in that things like WordPress or Wix, Shopify, show it all of these types of things, though Do your content management systems, in other words, that that’s what runs your website, the back end where you’re editing content, some of them have a feature or a plugin that you set up to, you know, put the pop up on your site or an alert box. Now, some sites, it’s not, you don’t have full customization for those things. So a lot of people move on to use a third party application or web offering that offers pop ups. So you just basically put a little piece of a snippet of code on your website. And you can get someone to help you with this, that lets you then have super customized pop ups for what you’re trying to do. The examples of that is pop up domination is one company that does them lead pages, and there’s so many more, and I’ve used almost all of them over the years. Okay, the next is sometimes some of the email providers, they offer these pop ups for you. In other words, they have little snippet of code that you can put on your website. And then especially if it’s for like getting emails, you know, you’re trying to increase your email list with your pop up. So that’s the other thing that you need to know. Now alert boxes, you might say, well, if I have a pop up, why do I need an alert box, because everything we’re talking about is really about trial and error. It’s about testing. So while there’s data on this stuff for your own site, and what you have to offer people in who you’re reaching, you may find that your top alert box works better than your pop up on a certain page, or vice versa. So I like to try multiple things, and then see what the data tells me right? Which one is actually getting me leads, which one’s getting me people to give me their email list or some other, you know, piece of information. So that’s why you need popups. But I will tell you on my sites that are the most targeted, meaning they’re the most specific, it’s really, really

granular content, right? It’s not real broad content, I get the most leads from that popup box. And I have other sites that the percentage is lower, because it’s a little bit more broad content in my popup offering is a little more general, it’s not super targeted to that audience, because I have a mixed audience, I’m going to another site that I run. So that’s the first thing is you need popups. And they do work. And these are the sorts of things that obviously you can get help from other people on. And this is something that I’ve helped people understand how to set these things up and how to really optimize them. The next thing that you need to do to get more leads from your website, is you need to look at what are you offering offering people so that they will give you their email list, right. So that they will tell you more about themselves. That’s where these freebies or other people call it a lead magnet, you know, or in there’s other words for it. That’s where that comes in. And if what you’re offering is working and you’re getting leads, great job, if it’s not doing much for you, then it might be time to consider. Once again, like I said, getting feedback from people that you already are connected with, from your email list, see what it is they really want to hear, hear from you or get from you, you know, what’s kind of like the thing that everybody asks you for that the thing you should focus in on, okay, but the way you use those freebies or lead magnets is one, you tell people in the pop up or the alert box, that of course, if they sign up for your email list, or whatnot, you will send them that freebie, you know, it could be a PDF, a checklist, all sorts of things. But another way to get more leads is to have exclusive content, or behind the scenes content that you only get if you sign up and join your email list or you sign up and join you know, your community or a Facebook group or a LinkedIn group or, you know, some other community group you have. So that is another great way to get more people to sign up is you have to give them show them that there’s something unique and special that they’re only going to get, you know, not everybody coming to your website can get. It makes sure it’s good. Don’t say that it’s going to be this exclusive thing. And then it’s lame, right? It has to have impact. It has to be something that people are going to be like, Oh my god, that is so good, right? That is so good. Like that’s so valuable. That helped me so much if that’s what you want people to say about your content. And then another thing that you can do and you do not have to do all of these strategies, right, you need to pick the ones that match best. If you’re a coach, or you’re a writer you may have you may mix and match these different ways to get more leads. So for instance, if you have copy, you know content like chapters of a book that are going to be coming out or maybe would have come out, you might share you know, a Extra chapter or maybe a new chapter you’re working on. So that would be kind of like an exclusive content will some people right in the page at the top of that page will have where you have to enter your email address to unlock that content, right to get that exclusive content. And if the person really wants it, they’re 100%, willing to provide their email to get it. So that’s the next thing that you need to consider on your website. So there’s really a few things here to make these types of things work for you to get more leads. The first is, you have to have them, at least some combination of a pop up, alert box, in line forms, unlocking exclusive content or behind the scenes. And usually you tie that with a freebie or magnet, but you don’t have to write it could just be like, Hey, girl, Hey, friend, hey, powerful woman or whoever you reach. This is it could be so Luthers, you know, if you do mystery writing or something, but you just have to try these things. And then you have to be tracking, you know, what’s your traffic and what kind of leads you’re getting in from what source on your website, hopefully, you’re doing that. But if you’re not, which there’s plenty of people that are not, it’s never too late to start. And it can be really simple. You can start a really basic spreadsheet, or even write it down in a document, and just put the month or the week or the day, however you want to track it. But overall, you’re just trying to look for patterns or trends in which ones are working for you. Or if you’re saying crickets nothing’s happened in here, then we start looking at why one, do you have these? Or which ones do you have? Which ones are you willing to try? And then what are you offering people? Maybe it’s not juicy enough? Maybe it’s not enough value for them to be willing to give you their information, when let’s be honest, we’re all on a lot of email lists.

And if you have, if you struggle with why do I need to grow my email list, it’s because every other platform that you’re on, especially if it’s like social media platforms, the rules are always changing, you don’t own that group, if you will, they could literally shut it down on you, or they could move it or change something. But your email, list your contact information for people, some people text groups, right. But any contact information you have for people allows you no matter if you change email providers or website hosting companies, it allows you to reach those people as long as they’ve given you permission. So that’s why it’s important. And like I said, you need to know your your information, right, your your how many, how many you’re getting in from where. And then you need to try out other things. Here’s the good news. I talked to people all the time that just say, oh my gosh, I’m not tech savvy. I don’t know how to do any of this. Well, the first thing I want to say to you is take a deep breath. You don’t have to be tech savvy. But you do have to believe in yourself that you can learn the steps to do some basic things to make your website better. And I believe you can. I promise I’ve taught people over the last 15 or 20 years how to optimize their website, how to optimize their online presence, how to manage social in the way that they could maintain. And that’s usually because they’re not trying to do everything, they pick what works best, or where they’re most comfortable and where their audience is. So the good news is, I actually want you to do less, I want you to set up and optimize things. But then I want you to do less stuff. Because none of us can maintain this, you know, this feed this effort, because I’m going to tell you even happens to me, I end up exhausted two weeks, I’d go crazy busting my tail, and then I’m worn out. It’s because I’m in the middle of this big rebrand this big transformation with my podcast in my website, my offerings. So I’m in the midst of it. But I don’t want to continue this pace. I want to be able to just slow down and focus in on what I’m revising what I’m building. And I’m basing it on what people think wanted, instead of trying it all or keep trying it off, because I’ve been there. So the next thing is, like I said, you want to track your results. You want to test new things. You want to revisit if your freebie or lead magnet is relevant to people and if it’s of interest. So of course you can get feedback from your email list or a community. You can do a poll, you can ask people what is it that they would really love from you? Go back and see you know, comments people have given you about what really resonated. And just remember, don’t ask for too much information from your users or your visitors and make sure it’s enough value that they’ll want to trade or give you their email or information or join your group. are, what you’re offering them how you’re going to help them how you’re going to save them time, or whatever it might be. So I hope these four ways to get more leads from your website can help you, I get that this is high level. And I understand that sometimes it’s hard to take these concepts and dig down to your website. The good news is, there’s other people that can help you out there. I’m someone that’s offering web dot web optimization coaching sessions to help people really understand all the steps in 30 days to optimize their website, including this lead gen. And later this month, I am going to be pre registering people for my web optimization accelerator coming up in July. So there’s a lot of ways you can get help. And of course, there’s always YouTube tutorials. But if you’re like most people, we’re tired of those. And we just want a little more help. We want someone to hold our hand, so that you reach out, check out my website, Kristin Because I would love to help you with this stuff. If this isn’t something you think you can tackle on your own. As we wrap up today, I just want to leave you with a little bit of encouragement for your week and tell you that even when things are tough, even when you feel like you’re walking through a season of hard things, or just a season of busyness. Just know that, you know, it’s the relationships we have. It’s the time we spend deepening those relationships. It’s the time we spend, you know, getting closer to God in prayer and meditation. That really helps us live a richer life to really live a more peaceful, fulfilling life life filled with joy. And you know, we’ve had in our house, lots of things that we are walking through right now that are, you know, a little harder, you know, it’s kind of a day by day with some of the stuff going on. And then last week, actually, my dad just fell and was injured. He’s actually doing really well this week, which is amazing. But as he finds himself healing in the rehab center, while he might not want to be there, he’s really taking this time to be an encourager in that place with his roommate, and what he’s walking through in with some of his, the other people he’s met. He’s, you know, friendly with the nurses. But But I only see that I only share that piece of his story to tell you, even in the midst of our hard things, even in the midst of our trials and tribulations, even when we don’t feel our best, we can still show up and be a friend of someone else, we can still show up and be the love in the world the light that other people need. In one thing that’s become so clear, since this pandemic started, and so many things in the world just seem upside down is that people are lonely, they feel isolated, especially on social media, we feel more lonely than ever, a lot of people get off of it and feel worse than when they got on. Reach out to your friends make a new friend, just give somebody a hug, say hello. And in the rehab center, one of my dad’s friends that was visiting him talk to a man that was across the hallway in another room who was having a really hard time, just really, really a lot of sadness, a lot of loneliness. And he spoke to him and he prayed with me. And he he gave me his phone number and he said, you know if you need anything you call me. And you know, we’re going to do the same this week with him when I can get back in there tomorrow or the next day. But I only share this to say our websites are important. Optimization is important, getting our message out to people that it should matter to our stories. They’re important because we are going to have impact in people’s lives. But more so than that we’re going to have impact in people’s lives that we show up for. And we will make a difference. And so I just wanna remind all of us, well, I want to help you get your message to more people and connect with more people for your business. I even more so want to help you connect more deeply with other people and on a faith level. So here’s to an amazing week and to just take those minutes each day to do what you can to show up and be the light in the love in the world. And I mentioned this before, but I’m feeling website optimization coaching sessions now. Do you wish there was a way to optimize your online presence so you can get more traffic to grow your writing, speaking or coaching business easily in an authentic way. I know what it feels like to be all over the place showing up online and feeling frustrated with lack of growth. Then they learned the strategy and tactics that work to grow organic traffic and leads in and out in a more authentic way. Imagine if you knew how to create and build organic traffic online to help grow your audience with ease. So your website email list and community grows and converts without being salesy, sleazy or using high pressure tactics. That’s why I created this ops this website optimization coaching will where I’ll teach you the steps to get more traffic and leads from your website. You’ll be able to stop struggling with tech and know exactly what to do to grow organic traffic and get more leads. You’ll walk away with customized recommendations and a 30 day unique online growth roadmap with the exact steps to follow to grow your online audience. I was able to grow my all time pageviews to over 38 million and reach 10 million visitors for a brand I co founded. All using simple, easy to follow time tested organic strategies I learned along the way. So if you’re ready for your ideal audience to find you online, opt in to your list and connect with you without trying every new social media trend or spending so much time on tactics that don’t deliver. Then let’s dive in together. For a limited time I’m offering a summer promo. It’s a special price for the month of June that you can get a website optimization coaching session with me, head over to Kristin for all the deets in my summer promo deal. I can’t wait for you to learn the steps to grow your audience using your website so you can get more leads with all the fuss overly salesy salesy copy and high pressure tactics instead are easy, repeatable and will align with you and your clients. So head on over and check it out because I would love to do a session with you and help you kickstart your online presence growth. If today’s show got you pumped about building your online traffic so you can grow your business. Let’s celebrate pop over and leave a review. Tell us what you loved about today’s episode or share this with another boss who’s ready to grow next level comm network with other entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and podcasters at my Facebook group to take your business to the next level. or head on over to Kristin Fitch that calm to find out more about my online growth system