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Make Beautiful Things

My mission is to equip you to create a beautiful life around your purpose, your people and your impact and I want to teach you how to stop doing all the things that distract us from focusing on our passion, what brings us joy and comes easy.

Previous show name:  Business & Breakthroughs/Building a Life You Love


  • Find Your Purpose and be inspired by others who stepped into their passion, their art or their craft and built meaningful lives.
  • Nurture Your Relationships, and Communities
  • How to Have a Growth Mindset, Overcome Obstacles and Step into an Entrepreneurial Focused Mindset and How Other Writers, Speakers, Coaches and Podcasters are building their business, creating impact and growing.
  • Build a Business with Ease to Grow Your Impact & Income
  • Build Your Life Around What Lights You Up and Allows for Flexibility and More Income Potential


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