Episode 75

Stop Playing it Safe and Go After Your Dreams Today with Lorie Tesny

On today’s episode Kristin talks to Lorie Tesny, the podcast host of Sailing through Life and two-time melanoma cancer warrior, about overcoming adversity, how we focus on what truly matters and how we go towards our purpose.  Lorie and her husband have set out on a Sailing Adventure of a lifetime and Lorie shares about making that dream come true and starting her podcast to support others to feel empowered and encourage them to focus on what matters. Lorie and Kristin talk about why we shouldn’t wait to make our dreams and desires a reality this year and how we can redefine our work to support our goals, lifestyle and season of our lives.   And they talk about how it feels when your resistance goes away and you are following your passion, purpose and desires.  It’s a great episode that will give you that push to stopping playing it safe and go after those ‘one day’ dreams you’ve been keeping in your back pocket- it’s time to pull out those dreams, dust them off and give them your attention.

What is holding you back from going after your dreams, defining life on your terms and from finding meaningful work you love? What is holding you back from going after your dreams to start your business or to write a book or launch a podcast, to sell your art or clothing, or to start an online business?   What is holding you back from finding real joy and meaning in your life?

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