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Joy Camp

It's time to Live Lit Up Lives- Full of Joy, Peace & Purpose

Are you ready to experience a more Joyful life? To step into more ease, abundance, peace and joy?

I think many of us have become disconnected with our purpose, joy and inspiration God offers to us.

I help women reconnect with their creativity, inspiration, inner joy and purpose so they can step into the life and abundance God created them for.

Join me in my 6 week program, Joy Camp as we learn the Joyful Alignment framework, as we transform our lives and tap into our joy and purpose.  The program has 6 video modules, a workbook with actionable steps and exercises, and Weekly Office Hours with Kristin all for only $99.

Joy Camp Launches June 15th with the first two modules!


Ready to feel More Alive, Joyful & Peaceful?

Learn How to Live Your Life from a Place of Inner Gladness

Here’s to building a life that makes you lit up- alive and nourishes who you are – let’s stop living the life we feel we must and build the life we know we are meant for.

God created us with gifts and desires and a longing so let’s get busy moving towards those things

I help women  tap into their joy and wonder so they can get clear on who God made them to be and to show up to do that work and let the rest go.

When we aren’t living aligned with who we are, our purpose and using our God given gifts and experiencing what brings us joy we will continue to chase the wrong things or choose to play it safe instead of accept the invitation God has put in our heart to show up and do in the world.

I Found My My Purpose by Stepping into My Joy

Consistent monthly income

When I Finally Followed What Brings Me Joy Everything Changed...

 I was tired and worn out around the edges but it wasn’t sleep I craved.  It was more sunshine, and the ocean, and the mountains.  I craved more creativity and calmness in my daily routine.   More time in prayer and slowing down to experience all the wonder in the world.  I craved blue skies and the open road.  And yes adventure.  I was craving time to do what fills my soul. 

I found we don’t need more sleep- no we need more authentic living.  More time in prayer and stillness to ground us.  More joy from putting our hands in the soil and seeing flowers bloom or following our curiosity.  Time for community, and connection and communion.

I began to feel alive again, more joyful and calmer when I began to follow my joy.  When I began to honor and give space to the unique things God made me to enjoy. When I began to shift my focus to His plan for my life- when I replaced doing more and hurrying with doing what allows me to tap into the joy, peace and dreams God put on my heart.

xo- Kristin

We hear you!

Does this sound like you?


You want to step out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. It’s been so long since you’ve had time to consider what it is you want to do you aren’t even sure how to start.


You feel a discontentment or restlessness in your soul. You can’t quite name it but you know you feel a desire to step into a more abundant, fulfilling life.


You want to make changes in your life (personal or business) that feel more Aligned and Joyful and a community to cheer you on.  You sometimes feel unclear on how to move forward and wish there was a process to help you feel more at ease, more relaxed and more excited about your future.

You're not alone

You Feel Uninspired and UnClear For the Future

You want to step into a life full of possibility and curiosity where you can thrive and feel alive in your work, your schedule and your passions.

Maybe you’ve felt uninspired, burned out, unclear or uncertain about your future and how you are meant to show up as your kids have gotten older and

I’m here to tell you – God has big plans for you on the other side of the uncertainty and fear- you’ve just got to be willing to tap into the joy, and peace and dreams he offers you.

I Know What it Feels like to show up in the world not being fully myself.  Trying to fit in, make everyone happy, not stand out and set aside my dreams and desires.

But when I began to wake up to the possibilities and dreams in my heart.  When I allowed myself space to hear God and my own thoughts that is when realized just how far away I had pushed myself  away from the part of me that knew I was created exactly how God made me, the one who didn’t ask what-ifs, or question the next step, or if it would make money, or what people would think- she just was- comfortable in her own skin, and happy, and moving towards joy and just being)

I’m Kristin,  a Christian Transformational Life & Business Coach, Joy Cultivator and Encourager, who helps women curate a life filled with more gratitude, peace, joy and faith.  Kristin shares her passion, lessons learned and perspective on creating a life we love and how we can transform our lives around what truly matters to us through her podcasts, books and coaching programs. 

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine if it were possible. Imagine if you knew how to step into your day with an inner gladness.  Imagine your future when you are following your God-given dreams, allowing in more wonder and joy and living at a pace that feels calmer and more aligned with how God made you.


Joy Camp

Learn the Joyful Alignment framework which you can apply to any part of your life so you can design a life aligned in your God given purpose that focuses on God, Others and Self to show up in the world uniquely the way you were made to be.

What You'll Learn

Are you ready to learn how to live a more Joyful, Creative, Open hearted life by trusting God and yourself.

Module 1

Joyful Alignment

We were created to live more joyful lives.  Everything you’ve been dreaming of, and the desires in your heart to step into something more are whispers from God for you to connect with Him, yourself and your purpose.

Module 2

Spirit, Space & Pace

One of the ways we can be more joyful is by allowing more time for prayer, and connection to God.  This module is going to help you learn to design your schedule to have more space and declutter and detox the things that aren’t serving you (ex. digial detox, clutter, consumption) and help you to slow down.

Module 3

Adventure Equation

Being Sedintary isn’t good for us but neither is a life lacking adventure and new experiences.  Author, Paulo Coelho said, “If you think adventure is dangerous try routine, it’s lethal.”  Ladies, we are going to learn to infuse more adventure and things that make us come alive again into our days.

Module 4

Positive Practices- Mind & Body

This module is all about making positive changes that will help us grow, shed and expand.  We will shift our mindsets and beliefs (learn to love ourselves and our bodies, quiet our inner critic, and be reminded of how God sees us).  

Module 5

Creative Detours

We were made in His image- we are creative, imaginitive craftswomen.   Many of us have lost touch with our creative side.  This module will help you into your creativity, wonder, using your hands and getting curious and being playful.

Module 6

Bold 30

Bold 30 is all about learning to step up and out in a bigger way.  Each day we want to do something that stretches us personally or professionally. This module will help you make bold asks or take bold action or just get out of your comfort zone because this is how we grow and this is where we stop playing small.

You'll also get

The support your students will have access to


6 Part Video Series & Workbook

A Self-Guided 6 Part Series to talk about stepping into more Joy in our lives.  Each Module will included several short video segments, and a worksheet recap and exercises to do to apply the learning.


Be More Joyful Office Hours

Each week Kristin will be available for students to join her on zoom for encouragement, conversation and fellowship. Join Kristin and other women each week on Zoom to help you apply and discuss what you are learning and changing in your life.  Sessions will be recorded.


Workbook & Checklist

This program included a downloadable Joyful Alignment workbook for you to use during our time together and anytime in the future.

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Joy Camp. You can email us directly  here and we’ll respond within 24 business hours.

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