Episode 6:  

Teacher turned Entrepreneur– How to Start a Business Online or a Side Hustle

What is holding you back from going after your dreams to start your business or to write a book or launch a podcast, to sell your art or clothing, or to start an online business?  Kristin speaks with Shelley Leiser, a former teacher who decided a teaching career was no longer serving her life or the lifestyle she wanted – she started with a side hustle and quickly realized she could work remote, have a flexible schedule and replace and increase her income through her new found work as a virtual assistant and resign from her teaching career.  Shelley than began TeacherVA.com to help other teachers learn how to become a virtual assistant so they can find freedom of time and income in their own lives which allows them to design their life and set their own schedule.  Shelley shares the reasons she decided to take the leap into something new and shares with other teachers and professionals how to move into new opportunities and how to access what they want when their current season isn’t aligning with teaching in today’s climate of COVID, remote learning, and zoom teaching.  You will be inspired and see that there are opportunities all around you to use your skills and interests and start a business or side hustle online.

You can learn more about TeacherVA.com here.

Shelley Leiser is the founder and owner of Teacher VA, LLC. After realizing her day-to-day career as a teacher was not allowing her the flexibility to follow her passions, Shelley decided to leave the classroom. She became a virtual assistant before leaving the classroom to provide an extra income for her family during the transition. She started TeacherVA.com, which provides virtual assistant training for teachers, because she believes that being a VA is the perfect side job for any teacher who wants to supplement their income or use it as an exit strategy for moving from teaching to something new.