Episode 11:  Finding Financial Freedom, Paying Down Debt & Gaining Confidence through Our Daily Actions

What is holding you back from going after your dreams to start your business or to write a book or launch a podcast, to sell your art or clothing, or to start an online business or gain freedom of time or income or take that trip of a lifetime?  Kristin talks to Marie Sonneman, a law enforcement officer, a financial coach and creator of Ordinary to Badass Podcast.  Marie shares her story of paying down over 100,000 in debt and in the process gaining confidence in herself along the way.  As she notes, it’s not things like yielding a weapon that give us confidence but learning to improve our mindset and take small steps to improve ourselves that bring us confidence and real strength.  We also talk about listening to your gut and stepping into new ventures while still having a full-time career.  Marie’s story is both inspiring and shows us how it’s possible to reach financial freedom and step into new opportunities.

Let’s start taking action to create and monetize our creative ideas and passions and turn them into thriving businesses- let’s go after our dream work, make more money and spend more time with people we love living our best lives.  And learn how Curiosity, Creativity, Mindset, Communication, Play, and Faith play a role in improving our lives.

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