On today’s episode Kristin talks to Adele

Spraggon, author, speaker and behavioral change expert, about her book Shift- 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment.  Kristin and Adele talk about the root cause of procrastination, overwhelm and how we can replace the parts of our operating instructions that are not serving us with new programming. For instance, if we are struggling with anxiety or stress we can recognize that and change the way our brain handles those situations, or maybe you are struggling around reaching a goal- we can learn to recognize the thought pattern and apply a simple technique to update that thought pattern. 

Patty explains why make people have tried applying traditional personal development techniques only to realize they are not helping them achieve what they want to improve and this is why Adele went on to study the brain and focus on behavioral changes we can make.  Kristin and Patty also dig into our conscious and subconscious brain, how we reconnect or tap into our subconscious to change our patterns and connect with our more creative self. 

Patty also shares with us that most people believe we think something and then take action but we actual feel something in our subconscious, then take action and then we think and that our unconscious brain can feel something a fraction of a second up to 7 seconds before our conscious brain has a related thought.  It’s a fascinating conversation about how our brains work and how we can learn to work with our brains to improve our lives and outcomes.

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