On today’s episode, Kristin shares an excerpt of her interview with Rebeca Seitz, a storyteller and founder of 1 C Story Network, about putting your idea out into the world so you can turn it into a reality, and she talks about “Do What You can with What You have Right Now.” Kristin and Rebeca also talk about why you need to bring other people into your process, why it’s important to be honest and authentic about who you are and where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey because the only way others can help you is if they know what you are doing, what you stand for and where you are at in your journey. And Rebeca explains that failure is unavoidable and part of the process – but we can learn and grow from setback and failures and use those experiences to become more honest and humble as we move onto new opportunities and conversations.

Join Kristin and Rebeca as they dive into taking an idea or story and turning it into a content creation or business and what it takes to put yourself out there over and over again.

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