On today’s podcast Kristin interviews, Adam Miller, a Somatic release Practitioner, practices energy work and filmmaker about his personal journey to heal past trauma and pain, and how he now helps others through the type of work that helped him. Adam shares his challenges as a child, and teen, therapies he tried, his journey through self-medicating and addiction and moving into treatment and eventually his desire to heal further and how he explored many spiritual and alternative modalities to find what techniques worked for him. His story is both relatable and inspiring that there are ways to heal our pain or trauma and that many of the techniques and practices he shares are tools anyone can use in their lives to

Kristin and Adam talk about the importance of being aware, noticing consistent pain or patterns that come up, the need to be more connected to our bodies and how creativity, curiosity and a learner can improve our lives and mindset.

If you could use a story that will inspire you there is always a way to feel better this story and examples will show you why bbeing persistent, having faith and being open to trying new modalities can help you change your patterns, release pain, and change your perspective.

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