In today’s mini-episode, Kristin talks about the three reasons you might be spinnign your wheels in your business- maybe you aren’t hitting your revenue goals or can’t decide on how to move forward or you’ve hit a plateau. Often, we are trying to grow something when we have not addressed something else in our life or business that first needs to be handled. For example, if you are stressed out and exhausted it’s often hard to determine the right actions to take. Another reason you may get stuck is because of your belief in yourself or your lack of belief that you can hit that goal or dream and of course false narratives or stories you have around money, success, ability or worthiness can often also keep you from the growth you want and deserve. Lastly, understanding your deeper why- what is the impact and change you want to create in the world that will keep you going and also that you can test your ideas and actions against- without understand that bigger, more intimate why we can often get off course.

Are you ready to get unstuck and get moving towards building a bright future for ourselves? We have begin to believe we are serving of it and go for it.

Let’s build a business and life we are proud of and know makes a difference in the world.