What is holding you back from going after your dreams to start your business or to write a book or launch a podcast, to sell your art or clothing, or to start an online business or gain freedom of time or income or take that trip of a lifetime?  Kristin talks to Dawn Hanlon of Color Me Everything about stepping through the loss of her husband and learning to dream again, reignite her passion, and determine where she fits in the world after a big life transition.  Dawn talks about how gratitude, positivity and finding a new community helped her find her passion and hope again.  She talks about not allowing sorrow or physical deficits (such as Covid Long Haulers that she is recovering from) bring her down by focusing on a positive mindset.  And the role of creativity can help us see new possibilities and help us grow.  You are sure to be inspired by Dawn’s story as she walks through loss, becoming an empty nester, experiencing chronic illness to open a new chapter of her life to build a community around women going through big life transitions and loss through a new online community and podcast.

Let’s start taking action to create and monetize our creative ideas and passions and turn them into thriving businesses- let’s go after our dream work, make more money and spend more time with people we love living our best lives.  And learn how Curiosity, Creativity, Mindset, Communication, Play, and Faith play a role in improving our lives.