On today’s episode Kristin speaks with Alejandra Slatapolsky, a growth & communications professional and Co-Founder of Scalto, about how we create and monetize a thriving business we love.  The key to doing so is in niching down and truly specializing your business. 

Kristin and Alejandra also talk about the importance of understanding your Why.  And Alejandra explains why most people don’t have a lead problem but a strategy problem and the importance of your customer experience each step of the way- those are the things that can make or break getting new customers and keeping them. This is a great conversation around entrepreneurship, business strategy and communications and clarity.

What is holding you back from going after your

dreams to start your business or to write a book or launch a podcast, to sell

your art or clothing, or to start an online business or taking the dream trip

or doing something epic? 

 Kristin speaks to entrepreneurs who are

doing work they love while building the life they want and doing it on their

terms- let’s start taking action to create and monetize our creative ideas and passions

and turn them into thriving businesses- let’s go after our dream work, find

financial freedom, and spend more time with people we love.  Let’s build businesses we are proud of and have lasting impact in the world.

Kristin will share inspiring stories of entrepreneurs creating lives and businesses they love, as well as share strategies and tactics you can apply to build a life you love.  We will also talk about overcoming challenges, limiting mindsets and pivoting.

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and focus on the ones that align most with us and our business idea.


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