On today’s episode I talk about why you might be walking through a season of burn out, frustration, lack of clarity or frustration in your business. I share 6 reasons why this might be happening in your current season and what you can do about it to feel excited, passionate and focused in your business again.


On today’s episode, we are going to talk about why you might feel burnt out. What do you do about it to step back into your passion and your purpose, we’re going to talk about why you need to really own your gifts and your expertise so that you can find that passion and purpose in your business. And I want to start by just sharing a quote by Bob Gough with you from his book undistracted. He says, if you hear a voice over your shoulder, talking about your biggest failure, and it isn’t calling you, beloved, it isn’t Jesus talking. That is so good. So we’re going to talk about that today. We’re going to jump all in. And I’m hope that this episode will leave you feeling fulfilled, and renewed and just inspire you to make some small shifts in your day that I think will make a big impact in how you approach your business.

Today’s episode, we’re going to talk about why we might feel burned out why we might not be feeling passionate and enthusiastic about our businesses. I don’t know if this is the place you’ve been maybe you’ve walked through the season, maybe you’re currently walking through the season, season, overwhelm a season of not feeling clear on your business, maybe a season of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, and you’re not getting the results you want. Well, I can tell you a friend, I’ve been there. Actually, I’ve been walking through the season for the last couple of months. It’s just been a hard time, there’s been things going on with my young adult or college aged kids and high school kids. My dad has injured himself twice, you know fractured pelvises and things like that. There’s just so much going on in the world, I’m building up this new business that I’ve started, I’ve pivoted my business, and I’m rebranding the website and how I work with people. So it’s been a lot. And there’s been certain weeks in days, where I feel like I’m trying to force myself to work more. And yet my results literally become, you know, almost like I got nothing done that day. And so I’ve really had to take a pause and think about what’s really going on here. What is God trying to tell me? In what do I need to do different so that I can continue through this season, be productive, be restful, and also feel like I am continuing in on my purpose without exhausting myself? So we’re going to talk about six ways, in areas that you may not realize are things you need to be acknowledging, and then maybe how you need to do something different. So here we go. The first is, are maybe you aren’t focusing on your top three big business goals? In other words, are you stuck in the weeds? Are you getting so busy in the daily to do that you really can’t see the trees right in the forest, you just see all of it instead of kind of where you’re going beyond that forest. And I have been, you know, here too, I have days or weeks where I do I get I get busy on the to do list instead of thinking strategically or at a higher level and say, which of these things are the most important to get me to my goal for the week, the month, the quarter? And so sometimes I get stuck in the busy and instead of saying, is this the most important work I can do right now? Can I have someone to help me with it? What would happen if I didn’t do some of these things on my to do list? Okay, so that’s the first thing I want you to consider. Are you focused more on your to do list on all the little things instead of constantly looking at? What are your top three goals? And what activities are you doing? What business activities are you doing that are helping you reach those goals sooner? So that’s the first area where I think we can feel burnt out, because


we’re doing a lot of work, and we’re not seeing the impact of the results we should be. And that’s huge. When you feel like you’re working all the time, or at least the hours you have to work. And you don’t see the impact or the financial increase that you’d like to see, if it makes us feel like what are we doing? Is it worth it? Is this actually going to grow into a more substantial business. And so you know, if this is a hard area for you, one I like to do a daily, it’s like a priority sheet of what I’m supposed to be working on. And then what my goals are, overall, it has lots of other things on it, and I have that on my website. The other thing is, is if you’re not working with either a coach to help you with these, you know, to build your business sooner, or you’re not in a group, it can be a paid mastermind, it could be just have a group of several of you that are kind of building something that you you check in regularly, it could be weekly, it could be bi weekly, and you kind of keep each other accountable for what you’re working on. And if you’re actually hitting your goals. The next thing is why we can feel burned out or not feel as passionate about our business as enthusiastic is, we are working too much, we’re working too hard. Once again, maybe we’re not getting the results we want, maybe we aren’t getting the results we want. But we’re we’re burning the you know, the wick or the candle at both ends. And then we wonder why we don’t have the mental bandwidth to do more or to even feel like we’re pumped up about our business. It’s because we’re working too much, instead of working smarter, and doing those strategic things. Alright, the next thing is, sometimes we’re in a season where we need to rest more whether it’s because we physically have gone through something, you know, with our bodies, or we’ve been sick, it could be that we mentally emotionally, are worn out because of the season we’re in, but either ourselves or the people around us the people we care for and the people we love. So maybe we’re pushing too hard, or pushing our bodies or minds too hard in a season where we need to fit in more rest during the day. And maybe during that week or month. I’ve had this happen. There were weeks, in the last two or three months where I sat at my desk, and I was I was determined, you know, to get certain work done. And then I would notice three hours passed. And I didn’t have much to show for it, you know, and I thought what is going on here, I just didn’t have the bandwidth and have the mental space or energy to do that much work. And so what I had to do is I had to kind of give myself that grace, to say, You know what, it’s okay. It’s okay that some days, I’m not going to get done what I want. And instead I need to go out back, maybe work in the garden, take a walk, do something to let my mind in my mental space kind of clear. Let my body relax or rest. So that when I do show back up and do the work, and feel like I’m able to, I’m ready. Now some days, that can be that it’s you know, you show up the next day, and maybe you’re still not ready. You know, if you work for yourself, and even if you don’t, there’s seasons that all of us have gotten lots done and their seasons are days where maybe we don’t. And I’m certainly not saying you won’t get anything done. I’m just saying it may be that you get a good two hours of work done and that the other hours, you really can’t do some of that work.


But we need to listen to our bodies, when we need to rest. Okay, that physical and that mental wall, if you will, those are indicators for us to listen to our bodies. And if we don’t do it, we really can end up you know, more unwell, you know, either we start feeling sick, or maybe then it goes on longer because we don’t address it, you know, we’re not caring for ourselves properly. Okay, number four is we aren’t spending time in prayer. We’re not getting quiet enough. We’re not making time to hear God. And of course, you may not be somebody that aligns in your faith where I do but of course for me, this is so important for you. It might be meditation, it might be something else. But for me, it’s I need to spend time in prayer. I need to read scripture, I need to have quiet time. And I’m need to make time to try to hear God not just to pray to Him. When I do this, my day is better. My business efforts are better. They’re more aligned with how I believe God wants me to show up in the world and in my business. But sometimes we get busy and for some of us this can get put to the side, or we can notice that we’re not doing it as often as we were. I am going through a time Right now were tired in the morning. So I’m getting woken up early by the dog and other things, that usually isn’t the case, my husband gets up earlier than me. So then I’m falling back asleep. And I’m, I’m realizing when I get up, I’m tired. And so my schedule is a little less set right now in the mornings. In other words, I’m getting up at a little bit different times right now in the morning, still feeling tired, not super pumped, right when I get up, and I’m not fitting in that morning time that I usually did at the same time before I would usually do it first thing. But I know there’s an impact on me when I don’t do this. And so for me, it has to be getting back to that being a priority and getting on my calendar. Even if I don’t get up the exact same time every day it needs to be if it’s for me, it’s like the first thing or within the first 30 minutes of getting up. So are you finding time for prayer? Are you finding time to get quiet, to get outside to really take in, you know, big nature and just the the beauty of everywhere and to hear God? I think it’s just so important, you know, in our in our lives, you know, in our relationships, but also in our businesses. Next is we don’t have community around us, that can help support us, they can help guide us give us their advice on how we’re stepping into our business, how we’re growing our business, and maybe where we’re stuck. And I’ve had this happen before I’ve been, I have lots of friends, lots of different groups I’m in. But when it comes to growing my business, locally, I don’t have a lot of friends are doing the same exact thing I’m doing, especially that I’ve worked in online for so long. But I do now have friends in the online space, that I’m part of different groups. I’ve made friendships through people I’ve interviewed and through different programs or masterminds I’ve been in. So over the last, especially two years, I’ve really started to grow and surround myself with more female entrepreneurs, more faith led entrepreneurs, who I have regular, you know, calls and conversations with that we’re lifting each other up. We’re praying for each other, we are helping each other and sharing advice, getting feedback from each other. And you know, talking through those hard seasons are those decisions of those pivots. And I can tell you, it makes all the difference if you don’t have that, keep seeking it, ask other people where have you found that reach out to me, I’m happy to share with you places that I’ve found some of those women and I have also a group of women that I work with, and you know, in that way as well.


It’s made all the difference though, for me as I’m growing this new business. And then number six is sometimes we aren’t showing showing up fully ourselves. We don’t see how our gifts and our ability or our experience can bless and help others in our businesses and in our communities. And I’ve been here I’ve worked in the online marketing space for a very long time. I’ve worked with different companies. I’ve, you know, had my own company. And I do again, of course. But I noticed a couple years ago, I was trying to fit in more than I was just fully being myself all the time. I mean, on my hand moving kind of, you know, open mouth laughing, you know kind of person, I can be loud sometimes. But I can be quiet too. I love Christmas inspiration. But I found that I was trying to fit my business in years ago. This is the family fun business. I started with my mom, and 2008. And when I’ve been in tech, I tried to fit in with the people around me more than trying to stand out as who God made me to be in my unique and special way. So now of course I’m helping people and I am trying to show up with the things the experience I’ve had that other people don’t know, help them in that way in their business. I’m trying to make sure I incorporate my quirkiness and my gifts and my ability in my business in my program. You know what, when I show up coaching and in doing consulting with people, but when we’re not showing up fully ourselves, it doesn’t feel authentic. And it’s harder because we’re trying to fit a mold when we’ve been made unique, right? We don’t fit a mold that matches anyone else. Just like our fingerprint is unique to only us. And I heard also recently our heartbeats are a unique signature. I had no idea I don’t even to me, that is a miracle, right? How did God make each one of us not only to have a unique fingerprint, but a unique heartbeat. They literally said you can identify someone by their heartbeat, which to me is wow. I mean how amazing but so when you find that you’re not fully showing up yourself. What you can do is Try to realize like, where is it that you sound? Maybe more formal than you would usually talk? And where can you make those tweaks on your website or on your podcast or in your emails to people? So, look at that, you know, are you? Are you speaking how you want to the people around you? Are you using the language? Are you giving yourself credit for the many years of experience and what you’ve figured out what you’ve learned that other people want to learn from you, this does not have to be in a formal job, you could be a stay at home mom, and you have mastered scheduling your family, you’ve mastered budgeting, it can be that you worked in marketing for 20 years. And now you’ve learned how to take that information and help people in your niche. There’s so many things we don’t give ourselves credit for. And I would say to you that it’s when we show up and realize our gifts, when we show up and realize that the experience that we have, and how these things come together, right? It’s an intersection, our gifts and our ability, our experience and our personalities. When that comes together, it’s truly we basically become a magnet to other people. But we have to acknowledge all those things and how they come together. And I am going to do a future episode on that, you know, how do we get clear on these different things? And how do we bring them together, so that it’s literally like a magnet out to the people that we can help. And so that’s the sixth thing. So like I said, I think sometimes we don’t feel passionate, we don’t feel enthusiasm in our business, because these different things are going on. And we’re not acknowledging that this is what’s happening, you know that we’re working to mold pushing too hard. We’re not really giving ourselves credit, we’re not owning our gifts, we’re not owning our expertise that unique from other people’s. And so let me just go back through the six things for you. So that you can, you know, note these first is, it could be that you’re not focusing on your top business goals. And instead you’re focused on all the little tiny to dues, or you’re spinning your wheels on something that maybe you need to farm out, because it’s taking you way too long to work on it. And it’s it’s sucking all your mental energy to put towards this thing, instead of working on the big goals. Next is you’re working too much without having the results or the impact that you think you should. And so it makes you feel burned out.


Three, you’re pushing too hard, and you’re ignoring your body’s need to rest. So what I would say is you need to check in with yourself each day and then assess that with your deadlines with your goals. Where can you take a break when it’s needed? And then when can you plan ahead? To actually rest before you feel that that worn out feeling? For we aren’t spending time in prayer, we’re not getting quiet enough. You know? And so it’s how can you make this more of a priority? How can you find time for prayer for scripture or for meditation? Five, do you have people around you, that are helping you through your your business decisions through your life, you know what’s going on in your life? Do you have people around you that are supporting you in what you’re doing, that also can get what you’re saying, because they’re going through similar steps in their own business and where they’re at. Number six is you’re not giving yourself credit, for your experience and for your gifts. So you’re not truly acknowledging or, you know, really embracing all those things that you’ve been given in order to step in the world and serve, but also to, you know, make a living, if that’s what you’re called to do, to, you know, both support your family or help support your family. And then also, you know, it will also further the kingdom, if you will, because you will be able to impact it with your income, you know, and however you feel that you’ve been called to do that. So those are the six ways we can feel burnout, it’s why we might feel like we’re lacking some passion, or some focus or some enthusiasm. And I would just say to you, if you can work on these six things, and for some of you, it might be one, for some of you, it might be two things for others of us, we might need to work on all these things at different times. So, you know, on my daily schedule are priorities. I have different blocks, like what are you thankful for today? You know, have I done healthy things you and I go on a walk?


Did I connect, you know, in a relationship, you know, did I reach out to somebody to tell them I appreciate them. So besides my business goals and priority, there’s areas to make sure holistically I’m approaching my day so that I will I will feel you know, grateful and I will get healthy things In, you know, mentally and physically, it has a space for scripture or a quote. So that helps me stay grounded in my day in sort of focusing around everything, not just those goals. But the goals helped me stay on track in my business. And there’s days where I don’t feel that out. And I can promise you, on some of those days, I realized that I get stuck in the weeds. And I don’t get those big. I don’t move the poll towards those big bigger goals for the week, the month in the quarter. So I’d love to hear from you. What are you doing that’s helping you step out of maybe a season of feeling frustrated or burnt out or unmotivated, so that you can feel passionate and enthusiastic again, I would love to hear from you. So DM me on Instagram, you can leave me a audio message on my website. It’s on the side of the website. It’s just like a little bar that says message me. I would love to hear from you. So check that out. And until next time, I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful week.