Learn How To Get Traffic From Other Sources

Hey, and welcome back. This is Kristen and I am so excited. Today we are going to dive into part three of the six part series secrets to optimizing your website so that you can grow your business. Today we’re going to dig into how other traffic sources help you grow your traffic and get you more leads. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to jump into how referrals or referring links from other websites really help you not only get more traffic, but help your SEO. And then of course, how posting on social media sites, whichever ones you use, also help you get you know more clicks to your website. Before we get started, though I want to tell you about something exciting in July, I am going to be running a contest, I will pick several winners over the month that they will get a website and liens audit and coaching session with me. And they can also either do that, or they can do a business coaching session with me they can pick. So over the month, I’m going to pick several winners. But what you need to do is you need to do a review of my podcast on Apple podcast or another platform, take a screenshot of it, and then share it in our Facebook community. If you’re not already part of that community, there is a link at the bottom of every episode, you can just click on that and join the community. So I hope you will participate too beautiful friend, welcome to Business and breakthroughs. Do you want to optimize your online presence so you can get more traffic to grow your writing, speaking or coaching business? Are you constantly trying things online? And wondering what actually works best to grow your email list? get leads and book more opportunities? Are you looking for ideas that will help you grow your brand. 

I’m Kristin, an online traffic growth coach who built an online brain that reaches millions of people. I’ve worked in online marketing for over 20 years. And I know how frustrating it was to work so hard and feel like I wasn’t seeing more engagement opportunities or leads until I learned to optimize my online presence. After putting the systems in place, I was able to grow an online audience to over 10 million with 38 million pageviews and grew an email is 250 K all with one brand. I want to help you do the same. Getting traffic online doesn’t have to be so hard. I created an easy to follow online growth system in online marketing strategies that work to grow your audience and increase your traffic, grab your coffee and a notebook and let’s grow your traffic. Okay, let’s dive right in. Alright, so we’re really going to break this down into two or three parts. Okay. So here’s the deal. When you look at your website traffic, which we would do that through having something like Google Analytics installed on our website, it’s free, if you don’t have it installed, you literally just have to go to google.com/analytics. And you would sign up for, you know, a free analytics account. And there’s a snippet of code that would have to go on your website, obviously, if that’s something where you’re like, oh, my gosh, I can’t do that. There’s plenty people that can help you do that. And some of you are already going to have Google Analytics. And so what I’m talking about is in Google Analytics, there’s an area that that’s called acquisition. And then within it, it shows you where you’re getting your traffic from. 

Okay, so that’s what we’re talking about today is how do we get traffic to our website? All right. And there’s really two main ways. Well, I guess there’s three if you pay for traffic, but we’re talking about organic traffic, so traffic you’re not paying for. The first is people may type in your domain directly. Because they have talked to you or you’ve shared it somewhere. Or let’s say you have a podcast, then you might mention the URL. So people might type in your domain directly. Or they’ve bookmarked it, because they’ve been there before. Okay. But the second way is that other websites, or social media platforms, or sites like YouTube, link to your website, because you have content there, or because you’re part of a group or, or a content article is linking to you because you’re a good resource for something. Okay. So that is what we’re talking about is how do we grow traffic from other sources, not just what we do on our own website to pull traffic in from Google search, or Bing or MSN or whatever it might be. Alright, so besides all the stuff we can do our to our own websites. And then on another part of the series, we’re going to talk about how having several long form blog posts can really help us also grow traffic. But once again, those are organic ways that we use our own website to get traffic. 

This episode, we’re talking about how do we get other websites to link to us, which will help us get more traffic and leads. Alright, so the first is, Google will reward you for links that you have the I’m sorry, links that are being sent to your website. What am I talking about? So let’s say there’s an article at a larger site, right like a much more popular site. type in yours, that links to you about a certain topic. In other words, they might link to multiple websites or blogs, that link because that that other site ranks really high and has, you know, it’s, I guess you’d say it has more authority, it will give you more clout, if you will, for Google on how they PageRank you for the that link or the keyword the topics that that other site is linking to you for? Okay. And so how do you get those? Well, if you know that you have content, or you decide to create content for a certain topic, then you can reach out to sites that cover that and just let them know about your resource. Alright, so that’s one way. So for instance, on the site, I have a good resume.com, which is, you know, it is a content site. So it has a lot more content than most of us will like as for my consulting and coaching business, right now, I don’t have as much content, of course, but I am working on that that’s on my list of somewhere to do. 

But we’re seeing the zoom, we have people linking to us for all sorts of content for our activities and our crafts and our things that we’ve created. So in that case, let’s see we have. So that’s a large site, and it’s been around a long time. But we get about 1000 links, or you know, 1000 different links are sent to us like traffic per month, from maybe, let’s see, like 30 other websites that are linking to a specific page on our website. And then we do get some that give us more traffic, like from social media platforms. And we’re going to talk about that part in a minute. But for instance, to my Kristin fitch.com website, which I’ve just recently launched. And I have I don’t have any blog content there yet yet, or long form content. Because I’ve just launched the primary pages, I’m getting, just in the last two or three weeks, I have 28 links that came from other websites like referring links, okay. So here’s how you can go about getting other sites to link to you. One is what I mentioned before is you can reach out to the owner of that website. The second is, try to get onto websites, let’s say that you’re a member of a certain organization or association will if they list your information, make sure they link to your website as well. Okay, and other ideas would be things like, if you write for or if you post your content on sites, like medium.com, or many other ones, right, where you can basically publish and write content, you know, articles that you’ve you’ve done, link back, of course, where they allow it to your website, you know, you’ll get traffic eventually from that as well. Another option is, is be a guest contributor on a website. 

Now, you may have to start out with a smaller site or someone you know, maybe you do a guest contribution article, or you swap, you know, both of you right for each other. But over time, a lot of people if it’s the right target, they’ll find an outlet or a magazine or an online magazine, or whatever it might be online site to write for. So on occasion, you might see somebody that writes for entrepreneur.com, or Fast Company or Forbes, well, they just pitch that right. A lot of these sites do have freelance guest contributors, that will bring a idea to that site or that magazine. So those are other ways that you would be able to get more traffic to your website from these bigger websites that get so much more traffic than our sites would ever get, you know, because of the volume and the size and how much coverage they have of different content. So those are some ideas. And like I said, this is not a go out and do this all at one time. This is just something that throughout your year, you can be strategic about how you’re getting more traffic to your website. One because you’re posting in other places where you’re letting yourself be seen, right, you’re getting exposure, you’re also letting yourself be seen as an expert, or someone that writes on those topics. And then thirdly, over time, you will get some links back to your website from these other places. And then I did want to jump over and talk about links from social websites, social platforms a little bit more. 

So this is everything from you know, Facebook, You Tube, could be Instagram, it could be Pinterest, or Twitter or any other sites. It could be other web sites that have video content, you know, whatever works for you wherever your audience is. But the first thing I want to say about this first and foremost is don’t try to be all the places and don’t try to put so much effort in lots of different social media platforms. It for most of us, it’s just too exhausting. And the payoff won’t be there for all the places. So choose the place that makes the most sense for the sense for the next type of content you have. And then also for who you’re trying to reach? How old? Are they? What? How do they like getting their content? Are they where you want, you know, and sometimes you do have to test out what you like, where you like being in and to where your target person is, you know, where do they show up. So for me, I really have always loved Pinterest, I was on Twitter, I’ve been on all the platforms at some point over many, many, many years. But Twitter was never really my thing. And surely, it could be someone else’s thing. And there’s certain industries that make a lot of sense for someone to be there. It’s just that I started there, when it first came out when it didn’t even have images or videos that you could post with it. And of course, for years, you could do that. So why does social matter? Well, like I said, one, don’t try to be all the places and don’t feel stressed out about being on social media. 

But if you’re going to use it to try to get traffic to your website, then pick one or two places, and then post your content. And so for us, and I mentioned this a little bit, we get I get traffic to both of my my main big content website, you know, every month, we get 1000s of referring links back to ziggity. Zoom, and we get tons more saves on Pinterest, or people just save a pin of something from our website, but they don’t necessarily click it then. And then for Kristin fitch.com, which I’ve just, you know, recently launched, I’m only getting a few. I’m not getting a ton of traffic there yet per month, but I’m only posting a handful of pins right now that come back to my website, but people are seeing are starting to see those pins. But you know, and so if you have a Facebook community, and even if you don’t, you can post something, sometimes to your own Facebook profile. But you will start seeing in your analytics that you’re getting links from this. So for Instagram every month, for my Kristin Fitch, I do get traffic to my website. Now it’s not a big number right now, and I don’t need it to be a big number. But some people right will read one of my posts. And then they will go you know, normally I’ll say Lincoln bio, and most people know that, you know, at this point Anyways, if they’d been on that platform, but they’ll then click my link in my bio, in my page that it goes to lets them go straight to stuff I have going on, they can join my email list, of course, they can get straight to my newest podcast episodes, they can go and learn more about how to work with me. 

And then if I have any cool things going on at the moment, you know, freebies or things like that. So once again, I will mention it in my post on occasion, you know, how where can they find more about this topic that I wrote about or I talked about. So the reason the social media links matters, because Google will give you more credit, if you will to have those links, because they’re coming from bigger sites. So it’s giving your site more authority. And it’s saying to Google, Hey, someone else thinks that this page on your website, matches for what this person is searching for. In other words, it’s not just them saying, hey, this seems to have the right topic and enough content that the person is looking for, they now have third party validation that you are getting traffic for that that topic or that page, you know, and whatever that page is about. So that’s why it’s super important. Okay, so let’s review and then wrap up. The reason this topic is so important is because, you know, I one person that I’ve talked with, and I’ve done some coaching with before said, Gosh, if you build it, they don’t come in, it’s true. You can’t just put a website up, don’t do anything, you don’t do any of the back work, you don’t do the things to optimize your website to get found. And then you’re not showing up anywhere else for people to know about you. There’s so many websites, just like there’s so many podcasts and everything else, there’s always gonna be lots of content. So the only way you stand out is by showing up places and telling people and then sharing what you’re doing. 

That’s how it works. Now, obviously, if you’re already a well known person, where you have a huge following a huge email list, maybe you’re an author, you’ve written several books, of course, you are already going to have a bigger following. So it’s going to be easier for people to find you or look for your content, because they’re already, they’ve already established that pattern behavior. They’re already coming to your website, they’re already getting your email. That’s amazing. But for everybody else who still has a new business, or they haven’t really used their website as the business tool, it can be you have such a huge opportunity. And the great news is is this is something you just build on over time. And I promise the work you do each year each quarter each month to improve your website to add some really great content and like I said, it doesn’t mean you have to add content all the time. But write a really long bigger content piece on how you can you know on an area that you know a lot about got, you know, how can you help your ideal person, right about that, you know, and have a couple of those posts, because over time, you will get traffic to those pages. And of course link to your other pages as well in that post. But it will be people that are looking for exactly what you’re talking about. And so you’ll start being matched really well with who it is you’re trying to reach. 

When we just have a several page website that’s just like, hey, here’s my services, here’s about me just a little bit. And here’s how to contact me, here’s my program, you know, or whatever you’re doing. That’s amazing. But you’re not getting people to your website that way, unless you’re just pushing stuff, other places, and then they’re finding you through the other content you’re producing elsewhere. And that’s okay, too. There’s obviously more than one strategy to get people to your website. And the goal of your website, of course, is get them to sign up for your email list if they’re not there already, so that you can communicate with them directly. The other is get them used to coming to your website to find out about new things you have going on. So start establishing it as a pattern. But if your website never changes, or if you never have anything new to offer, then there’s no reason for me or whomever is visiting your website to come back. And surely I’m not saying start off with oh my gosh, I have to update it all the time. That’s not what I’m saying. If you have a different program, or even something new to offer, it could even be a blog post every month, let them know that or some people send out a weekly email with a little blog post or a how to favorite things, devotional. 

But if you get them used to what is it you’re delivering, and how frequently, they will expect that then so whether it’s via email, or it’s on your website, you just want people to know how how often are you going to be doing something right providing value. And to that you’re going to do it consistently. If you say every Friday in your email box, you’re going to get this you know, tips from you, then you need to make sure you get those out to people every Friday. Now if that’s too much for you, that’s okay, don’t start with that maybe you start out with just once a month, maybe you need to start off with once a quarter until you have the time to do it more often. So the idea of this, this series is not to put pressure on you and feel like oh my gosh, I have 1600 things to do. It’s giving you information, it’s giving you knowledge, so that as you have time to work on your website, as you have time to try to grow your business, you know some of the strategies and tactics to do it in a way that will allow it to be evergreen, in a way that allow you to get traffic, even when you don’t have time to post something new. Even when you don’t have time to go and get links from other directories, we still have people referring late or sending links to us sending traffic to us, that probably have been around for over 10 years, 12 years. So what I’m saying is, that’s nothing new I’m doing to keep that, you know, there’s people coming to our website for that specific content. In other words, I don’t have to keep doing the work for all the links we already have. Now, if I wanted to get new links or new people, then I might have to pin new pins. 

Obviously, I’d be sending an email reminding people of the content we have for whatever seasonal or whatever is going on right now. But the work you put in now the work you put in in the future, or if you get someone to help you, it will pay off tenfold over time. So the things I’m telling you is because these are strategies that have worked, you know, I’ve been in industry for over 20 years in many different ways. The same things still work, yes, they’ve been tweaked to Yes, they’ll keep being tweaked. But the overall concepts have stayed the same. All right. So once again, make sure that you’re getting traffic from other online sources. So that can be of course, if you’re on social media, you can get traffic from wherever you’re at. You just have to make sure you’re sharing with people. What content do you have in why should they visit your website? You know, show them why there’s value there? Why should they click your link, and then get links from other websites. This can be everything from doing guest contributions or guest writing. This can be because you write other places like a medium.com type of website or platform. Or this can be because you are part of different memberships, or you do guest posts with people you know, in a similar or same industry that you’re in. So all these things will help drive traffic to your website, which will help you get leads over time. 

So it’s super important. And like I said, you don’t have to implement everything in this series right now. But it’s important to know the information so that as you say, oh gosh, I do need to put a little time into my website, you know, some of the things to work on. Okay, so good luck. I hope you have an amazing week and I will see See you back back here next week with the next part of the series. Do you wish there was a way to optimize your online presence so you can get more traffic to grow your writing, speaking or coaching business easily in an authentic way. I know what it feels like to be all over the place showing up online and feeling frustrated with lack of growth. They learned the strategy and tactics that work to grow organic traffic and leads in and out in a more authentic way. Imagine if you knew how to create and build organic traffic online to help grow your audience with ease. So your website email list, and community grows and converts without being salesy, sleazy, or using high pressure tactics. That’s why I created this opps this website optimization coaching well, where I’ll teach you the steps to get more traffic and leads from your website, you’ll be able to stop struggling with tech and know exactly what to do to grow organic traffic and get more leads. You’ll walk away with customized recommendations and a 30 day unique online growth roadmap with the exact steps to follow to grow your online audience. 

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