Go After Your Wild Dreams & Ideas

Hey, and welcome back. If you guys are in a season where you’re doubting your next step, if you’re unclear in some part of your business, you’re unclear in the next thing that you’re going to add to your business, or you’re just not sure how to stand up and step out. This is the episode for you. I am going to pose the question that Emily P Freeman in her book, The next right thing asks herself when she’s in the midst of a hard decision, she asked herself, am I being led by love or pushed by fear? We’re going to dig into this and several other things today that I think will really help you with indecision and moving forward with more clarity. Beautiful friend, welcome back to business and breakthroughs. This is your host, Kristen, and I am so excited. You’re here with me today. Okay, so why are we jumping into this today, when I have pulled some of the people I’ve worked with, when I’ve pulled some of the people in the groups I’m in? One of the things that came up for them was, I am still all over the place in my business, I’m still unclear in parts of my business, or how to really step it up. And so because of that continuous question, or some version of it, I wanted to dive into this today. Okay, so first up was the question that Emily P Freeman asked herself, when she’s in the midst of a hard decision, when she’s trying to figure out the path forward for herself. She asked herself, honestly, you know, to answer this question, am I being led by love or pushed by fear? And she says, the answer to that question isn’t always clear. But I continue to carry it with me into every difficult situation or decision. I’m sorry. So my first question for you is, has you tried to make choices in the business you’re building and in your life about what brings you happiness? What brings you joy? What is helping you do the creative work you felt you feel that you’re meant to do? What’s holding you back from doing that? What is keeping you in routine and then the mundane instead of at your highest, you know, creative ability? And I think that’s a great question to ask that Emily asked, which is, am I being led by love or pushed by fear? Is there some desire for me to do this thing right now? You know, what am i What’s holding me back? Is it hesitation? Is it worry?

Is it fear? Is it what if it doesn’t work, instead of what if it does. And the other thing that I want to mention that she shares in her book is, she talks, she says this about another book, and I think it’s just such a lovely thing to share. She says, in his book, hearing God, Dallas, Willard shares that when he has, he asked something of God for direction or clarity in some way, he stated simply in prayer, and then devotes the next hour or so to housework, gardening, driving about on errands or paying bills, things that keep his hands busy, but his mind opened. And then she says today’s practice is to share with your friend Jesus directly the question you’ve been carrying, and then move on to your day as normal. It could help to remember these words, also from Dallas, Willard. I’ve learned not to worry about whether or not this is going to work. I know it does not have to work. But I am sure that it will work if God has something he really wants me to know or do. This is ultimately because I am sure of how great and good he is. And Emily goes on to say, as you simply do the next right thing in front of you. Wash the dishes, write the email, read the chapter, have the conversation, pay attention, not only to what’s happening on the outside, but what is moving on the inside. Look for the arrows not just answers. If God has something to tell you, and you continue to place yourself before Him, He won’t let you miss it. I love that. And I think too often we don’t pay attention to the arrows to the signals to the people to the words, maybe the podcast that shows up just at the right time, or the song that has just the words we needed the encouragement the helping us to make a decision. Those things I don’t think are by chance. And I think it’s things we need to pay attention to. I think too often we get stuck in the what ifs and the what should we do in our to do list that we remove ourselves, right from the our zone of genius from our place of creation, our place of creativity, our place of curiosity, that what if we just did the thing we felt drawn to do right now? What if we did the work that most lit us up? I just think that that is what would bring us to our being able to focus on what we’re really meant to do instead of what we think the world wants us to do or where we think we can make money. You know, I love this how the saying goes about? Don’t worry so much about money. They say, what would you do if money was no if you had all the money in the world, right? What would you spend your time doing? But I think when we’re starting businesses or we’re growing businesses, or maybe we are in a cycle of you know, stuff Ignatian are a cycle of slowness, where maybe we’ve written the book or we’ve started the podcast, but we’re not seeing the growth we want, or we haven’t started the next book, or project that all of a sudden, we’re, you know, we’re still trying to figure out what’s next, what do I do? How am I going to get this done. But we get sort of stuck in those decisions that we pull ourselves out of the creative process, which I think is such a risk, and that the goal is always to get back there to get back to creating, especially creating when we partner with God. And another thing that I wanted to share with you that I think was just fantastic. It’s so lovely, is by the author Jordan Lee Dooley in the book on your every day. And speaking on this topic, she says this sister, you will tackle your unfinished out dreams only when you give yourself permission to dream outside the box. 

Just try some stuff and show up as your full self. Not an older version, or more figured out version. Don’t try to be the person you perceive others expect you to be be you with your wild ideas and funky quirks and, um, figured out dreams and lack of expertise. When you do that when you root yourself and faith and step beyond the labels, you may be wrapped up in something divine happens, you may even fumble into a dream you didn’t know you had friend try stuff before it makes sense. Because it doesn’t need to all make sense in order for God to use it. He’s got this, he’s got you. And that means you can do something as seemingly small as doodling on computer paper with no idea what it could turn into, even before the lady in Texas makes her purchase, and still be living your purpose. Oh my gosh, those words, they just speak to my soul. And I think that’s the point. There’s so many people that speak to this concept of taking messy action. And, you know, everywhere, one from Marie Forleo. And I know Kathy Heller then speaks about this. But we have to take action in order to gain that clarity. You know, they both and others talk about that concept. Keep taking action, but worry less about what will the action? What will the creative process where will it lead you in just focus more on getting in that state in that space, where you have inspiration, you know, hit you where you have ideas that you’re doing, because you just feel joy because you feel drawn to do it, instead of trying to follow you know, 10 point path. And you get stuck in the how to use instead of actually being your most creative self, because people are going to be drawn to that creativity to the creation that you’re having into that, that light and you that’s lit up when you are creating and when you’re truly your authentic self with all your quirks and your wild ideas and your dreams. So my challenge to you is this, how do you start making space in your day, every day, to have these creative outlets to have more self expression, to allow yourself to clear your mind in order to have those inspirations that divine download the creative ideas that are right there waiting for you. They’re swirling around, they’re just waiting for you to be opened and available. In much like Dallas, Willard said, or Emily P Freeman, we have to sometimes think about what it is we’re trying to understand or get clarity on, but then start doing something it doesn’t have to be trying to figure it out. It’s often better if it’s something else, right? We’re staying busy physically, but not always mentally. And I just think it’s so important to make space for this. And what I like to do is every day is see am I giving myself breaks, you know, going on a walk getting outside, maybe doodling, you know listening to a song that I love or finding a new song, listening to a podcast that gets me out of what I’m working on in into thinking of possibilities. Do other suggestions where you are this one? Can you add a creative practice or creative practices into your day, right? Start it so that you do it at the same time every day. Some people love to do things like morning pages or journaling. You know, obviously also spending time getting quiet meditation, you know, Trant time to hear God. But make space in your day and pick times that you can set this up and it becomes part of your routine. Because when we don’t have to we can get busy and then some of the things that should be important to us. They get put aside they get ignored, or we don’t put the effort into it. Write down your wild ideas. Write down the things that you would love to do, but maybe something has been holding you back from doing them. Maybe you want to start a podcast or write a book. Maybe you want to travel around the world by yourself or start a Photography, course business, whatever it is, just write down those dreams you have, you know, I don’t care how wild and outlandish they are actually, the more wild and outlandish, the better. Maybe they’re so big, you can’t even fathom how you would get them done. Once again, those are the kinds of dreams that often are our God sighs You know, God given dreams, write them down. And I’d like you to put beside them. What is one step I could take towards this dream today, it can be as small as sending someone an email, or telling a friend about your dream and telling them one little thing you’re going to do. Maybe it’s writing your first paragraph for a future book.

Maybe it’s paying a subscription fee for an app that’s going to help you write every day in the morning for an hour or half an hour. But write down your wild ideas. And keep a book where you add to it you know, a journal or a note in your note on your phone. Next, is there anything you can add to your day to make sure you have time for creative work, and for time to let your mind clear and have those creative inspired moments. And often it’s when I’m taking a walk and I’m allowing myself to pay attention to what’s around me. But I’m have a clear mind that I often will get ideas. You know, it’s often when I’m walking or I’m in motion. Just like the examples I gave earlier, we’re talking about moving your body or doing you know, some sort of activity that’s, you know, somewhat mindless, right like washing a dish, you know how to already wash it. That’s the second thing I would say in the third is when it’s time to make a choice about the path forward, whether it’s just the next action you’re going to take or putting out an idea into the world. Is it fear holding you back? Is it worry or the negative? What ifs? Or is it love is it focused on love. So make sure that if you’re hesitating on something, it’s not out of fear, and try to take the path over and over again towards love and towards being opened and sharing your beautiful inspired work. And I just want to leave you with these words that Michael C Clarke and author and he does affirmations for creatives shared on Instagram today. He says, Hey, you, yes, you remain present this week. Let go of guilt attached to mistakes you’ve already made. Stop worrying about future events that might not even happen. Live in the moment. Focus on what’s right in front of you. Okay, okay. That’s what I’d say to you. Let’s just focus on today. Let’s focus on the week. And let’s focus how we can step out of fear and worry in the what ifs or how we you know, how should I move forward in my business? What’s the next thing and just take some small action? What do you feel the urge the desire or the interest in doing just go do a little bit of that and see where it leads you if today’s show got you pumped about building your online traffic so you can grow your business? Let’s celebrate pop over and leave a review. Tell us what you loved about today’s episode or share this with another boss who’s ready to grow next level comm network with other entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and podcasters at my Facebook group to take your business to the next level. or head on over to Kristin Fitch back calm to find out more about my online growth system