Chase The Fun to Reset & Reboot Your Business Mindset

Are you feeling a summer slump you just feel burned out just kind of blue or down or you just aren’t inspired when you’re not getting the important work done in your business? Well, today’s episode is perfect for you. We’re going to talk about four things you can do to get yourself going again, so that you can reset and reboot your business mindset. Beautiful friend, welcome to Business and breakthroughs. I created this podcast so that I can help you step into your God given purpose, monetize your gifts through an online business, and help you create consistent income and have more impact in your home and in the world. I’m Kristin in online traffic growth coach and faith lead entrepreneur that has a heart to encourage and uplift other people in their businesses and at home who built an online brain that reaches millions of people. I’ve worked in online marketing for over 20 years. And I know how frustrating it was to work so hard and feel like I wasn’t seeing more engagement opportunities or leads, until I learned to optimize my online presence. If you’re ready to grow your business, so you’ll have more impact in the world. And you’ll be following the purpose that’s been put upon your life. Then grab your notebook and pen and let’s get going. Before we jump into today’s episode I do you want to let you know that starting Thursday next episode, I’m going to be releasing a podcast series, we are going to dig into some tips and tricks and tools of the trade. We’re going to talk about the quest the three questions that you need to ask yourself to find out if podcasting is right for you. And so much more. So tune in for the next four Thursday’s, if that is something that you are wanting to learn more about. All right, here we go Summer, summer, summertime, I don’t know about you. But sometimes it can be hard to sit at our desk and get the work done, when it’s a beautiful day out. And maybe we have you know visions of sitting on the beach on our mind, or you know, going out with the kids to get ice cream. But what I would say to you is stop thinking those things and go do it. I think the reason so many of us feel burned out, we feel stressed out, we feel a little down, or we’re just feeling uninspired or maybe like we can’t focus. Often it’s because we have lost our you know, we haven’t recharged, we haven’t rested, and then we haven’t found ways to reignite that creative spark in all of us. So I’m gonna give you four ideas that can help you kind of jumpstart the rest of summer, so that you can be focused on business and really hit those goals you want to hit while you’re working. But my hope is that your work less while we wrap up summer because then you know the kids are back in school, it’ll there’ll be more time to have quiet, you know, time to get what it is we want to get done. So take advantage of a time when your family is likely off and more available.


Okay, first thing first, number one, how do we combat feeling that summer slump or summer blues? Well, the first thing is, is you need to put more free time on your summer calendar. Now some of us have gotten really good at this. And we work a lot less during the summer. And for the for those of you that are already doing that, but I say Whoo, good job. For those of us that still find ourselves working as many hours as we do the rest of the year, maybe even more than I’m going to say tap the brakes. And let’s start looking at our calendars. We need to be looking at them at the beginning of the year, quarterly, monthly and then weekly. And we need to schedule in the fun schedule in your vacation time, your time off. At the beginning of those those segments right at the beginning of the year review. When is your family taking time off, you know together? When quarterly Do you want to plan in days to reset to recharge to prepare, maybe to have a special half day outing with your significant other your spouse or one of your kids. And then every week review your calendar. If you find that what’s on it is just obligation and work, then you need to reevaluate. Add in what you say is a priority. So when I say for number two, and then we’re going to jump back to one is review your priorities regularly. And I’m not just talking about business priorities here I’m talking about your life priorities. So if one of your priorities is in the summer, and during the year to spend more time with your family, with your kids, to do you know to give them more unique experiences, right, then those things need to be put on your calendar. Otherwise they may not happen. And you’ll look back on summer or you’ll look back on this year and have a lot of eye wishes. So look at your priorities, review them regularly, make sure they still align maybe they’ve changed and then pull back out that schedule. And if each week you look and you haven’t scheduled in line into a dinner with a friend, you know, family dinner or family game night, going on a walk or a bike ride with, you know, whomever he wants to, then put those things on the calendar at least tentatively put them in a block of time so that you can do something, you know, you can have free time, if you will. So that’s one in two. And I will tell you, I just spent last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, down in North Carolina in the Outer Banks, my brother has a cottage down there. So I took my youngest son, and we want the friend and her son down there. It was amazing. I disconnected from social media for a few days, I had my feet in the sand, I was tempted to do some work, but I purposely did not bring my computer. Oh my gosh, it felt so good to just relax to just watch the waves in the sunrise, you know the sunset and just have time to reflect into recharge. And so this really is so important. But if you’re starting to feel those doldrum feelings or like I said uninspired, or you’re just feeling like you’re sitting at your desk, and you’re not accomplishing a lot, or at least not a lot that’s moving the mark, then off, then it’s likely that this episode, these tips are something you need to consider doing. Alright, number three, set less priorities each week during the summer. It let’s be realistic. It’s for me at least and I don’t know, you know your exact circumstances. I have my three sons home all the time in the summer, other than when they’re at sporting events or conditioning, or you know, might be working or something. But they’re home a lot. And while they’re not little kids anymore, so they’re not running around grabbing it my leg and needing my attention. They do come down in when I’m trying to work or report or record podcasts, it can still be distracting for me to hear them in the other room. So let’s be realistic about our priorities. And for instance, my kids, my youngest son, I should say, needs a lot more rides in the summer than during the school year. They’re not. They’re just quick rides, but it just cuts up the day. So let’s be realistic about our priorities for summer. What if we only did the most important things each week each day, and we really did put aside the rest. I think you’d be shocked at how productive you’d be on those big important tasks in how much lighter you felt.


So look at your priorities, are you trying to get 25 things done in a day and you wonder why you’re exhausted at the end of the day. And also when we get stuck in production, right, we get stuck in our to do list. We get drained, because we aren’t tapping into our creativity. It’s we’re not tapping into that zone of genius like Gay Hendricks talks about we are stuck in production work, we’re stuck in work that doesn’t light us up that we aren’t masters of in. So we have to also be careful of balancing work that we truly, you know, were gifted at, if you will, and that really we could do forever. That’s the kind of work that will keep us going in the summer and throughout the whole year. So we need to review that as well. Number four, we have to find time and we need to put it in our schedules to recharge to reset. And then also change up your routine. Try something new for dinner, go walks, you know, pick a place and go on a hike somewhere different. I like to call these creative detours, you know, so in other words, find little ways each week where you can have creative detour detours. And it’s so amazing even if you’re going to walk in your neighborhood and I’ve talked about this before, pick something to focus on. You know, as you go on a walk notice become a notice or write Mark Patterson talks about that idea of becoming a world class noticer when you’re on your walk, wow, that is purple flowers are beautiful. Well then say to yourself, I wonder how many other purple flowers or flowers I’m going to see on my walk and then you will focus on the purple flowers. I’ve been on a walk before and I have a tree that I pass often. That has the shape the LEAP village shape of the leaves look like hearts. So then as I’m walking, I think to myself, wow. What other things will I pass right? Like trees and bushes, you know, whatever it might be, that have, you know these beautiful shapes in nature. So then I will pay attention to those details. But if I’m so caught up in my head, I miss all of it. But when you do these things when you challenge yourself to look for unique things to look for something you haven’t noticed before, when you challenge yourself to change your routine, walk a different route, walk the route backwards, but it makes us use our brain in Different way. In other words, we aren’t stuck on autopilot. In the same way when we do that. And, you know, as I was thinking about, you know, hitting this summer slump, which I have also experienced this, several times of summer, I felt worn out burned out, I wasn’t sure the way I was moving forward, if it was the right way, and it started to make me feel exhausted. Also, when we’re going through a lot of stuff mentally or emotionally, we need to acknowledge that. And then we need to give ourselves that grace to not be so hard on ourselves, it may be that we need to slow down with the work or take more breaks. You know, when I’ve had some things go on with a family since now, between January now, there were certain weeks where I was really struggling to focus on my work. Then I remembered, it’s the weight right of the things that we were, you know, going through the weight of the things we were thinking about, we were concerned about, they were taking a toll right on me. And but once I acknowledge that I gave myself a little more grace to say, this is okay, right. There’s tomorrow, there’s next week, there’s next month, and it is okay. And I also want to mention that, even in Jeremiah 3125, it says, For I have satiated the weary soul and I have replenished every sorrowful soul. So even in Scripture, many, many times God is talking about the need and the importance of us renewing, refreshing to get dressed in so this is such an important theme. It’s such an important part of being a human is that we have to do this. And so I think that’s just so important to remember that if we seek God, if we listen to His promises, this is the one of the things that he tells us right is by going to him to seeking him out in His Word, we can find that rest and that renewal that comfort. And then there’s also just a quote, I think it’s an unknown author that I think really speaks to, you know, what we’ve just kind of talked about, which says, It’s better to look back on life and say, I can’t believe I did that than to look back and say, I wish I did. So I hope this summer before it wraps up, you will step out and do the things that you can come you can look back and say I can’t believe I did that. So that at the end of the year and next year and the year after you won’t say I wish I did that instead of working a few more hours.


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