On today’s episode Kristin interviews, Allison Nelson, a business strategist, entrepreneur and host of the Empowered and Free Podcast. We talk about taking a business idea from a hobby or testing phase and turning it into a full-time income generating business. The biggest take aways Allison shares are the importance of believing in yourself that you can actually build your business and make it profitable, and you are already that person.

They also talk about overcoming obstacles, the key to real growth, shifting our mindsets to understand life is happening for us not to us and how curiosity, consistency and persistence are important aspects to growing and pivoting your business offerings.

This is an inspiring episode for entrepreneurs, solopreneuers or those on the cusp of stepping out into building a business because Allison shares how she went from having a few clients to bringing in over 10k a month consistently.

Join us as we share insights, actionable ideas and steps and share how you too can do the same.